Foreword by League Commisioner, Hans Steiniger

Ultimate Fantasy Football Traveling Trophy I’ve been playing Fantasy Football since long before it was online. When I started in fantasy football, we converted statistics to fantasy points using the USA Today Monday and Tuesday editions by hand. Transactions were made by phone. As far as my friends were concerned, I might as well be casting 100 sided dies and flipping through the latest edition of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. It was the early nineties and nobody knew what Fantasy Football was back then.

My first league was set up by a group of brothers. Over the years I watched their sons grow into fantasy football players and eventually I wanted to set up my own family league. In 2009, Die Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga (Steiniger Championship League) was born. The problem with our league (12 team, standard format) was that there was no real incentive to win. Many of our players were in other leagues and saw the family league as a developmental league … a great opportunity for the inexperienced players to get their feet wet. There was no trash talking. There was no friendly banter. This was not acceptable.

So in an attempt to bring some prestige to Die Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga Championship Title, I decided we needed a traveling trophy, but not just any trophy, it would have to be an original, steeped in tradition with a connection to our German roots (translation, it needed to be something we could drink beer out of). So with that in mind, I took to an AutoCAD terminal and began designing “Der Gral von Graf” (the Cup of the Duke). Much like Lord Stanley’s Cup, Der Gral von Graf would be the type of trophy that men coveted. It would be lifted overhead by the League Champion each year and their name (and the name of the Fantasy Super Bowl loser) would be emblazoned on the Cup’s Oak Base for all to see. Year after year bragging rights and the Quest for Der Gral, would dominate family gatherings.

This is our story …

On Friday, October 30, 2015, League Commissioner, Hans Steiniger was named Pizza Hut's Commissioner of the Week.  Steiniger will receive an ESPN Tailgate Pack, Pizza Hut gift cards for the league, a commemorative football, and will be featured in ESPN The Magazine's Fantasy Football issue.  In addition, by being nominated by members of  Die Steiniger Meistershaft-Liga, Hans will be one of sixteen commissioners selected during the 2015 NFL regular season to battle it out to be named "Commissioner of the Year".

Our Trophy is Presented at the Annual OktoBILLSfest Tailgate 
Hans Steiniger: 2015 League Champion Erik Steingier: 2013 League Champion

Big Hans Steingier: 2016 League ChampionDie Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga 
2015 League Champion Hans "Big Hans" Steiniger

Congratulations to our 2015 League Champion, Hans "Big Hans" Steiniger, whose Red Dragons squad posted a dominant 106 - 83 Fantasy Super Bowl win over first time challenger, Aimee Steiniger's Tucson Tigers.  Big Hans finally got over the hump, drafted a dominant, run-heavy, ball-control fantasy team posting  a 10-6-0 record, for his first Die Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga Championship title.  The trophy now rests in his living room in Buffalo, New York.

Jermain Baker: 2015 League ChampionDie Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga 
2014 League Champion Jermain Baker

Congratulations to our 2014 League Champion, Jermain Baker, whose Bakers Bullies squad posted a dominant 137 - 85 Fantasy Super Bowl win over first time challenger, Big Hans Sr's, Red Dragons.  Jermain successfully navigated the treacherous waiver wire waters to keep his team afloat, assembling an imposing collection of talent, en route to an impressive 11-5-0 record, and a second Die Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga Championship title.

Erik Steingier: 2013 League ChampionDie Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga
2013 League Champion Erik Steiniger

Congratulations to our 2013 League Champion, Erik Steiniger, who led fantasy football juggernaut, Rico's Wreckers, to an impressive 103 - 66 win over two time fantasy Super Bowl Loser, Sonoran Sandstorm, which is managed by Matt Tiegel.  Erik led his Rico's Wreckers squad to an impressive 13-3-0 record en route to a dominant playoff performance that earned him his first Die Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga Championship title.

Jacob Steingier: 2012 League ChampionDie Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga
2012 League Champion Jacob Steiniger

Congratulations to our 2012 League Champion, Jacob Steiniger, who's Fantasy Football Team, Steiniger FC, crushed Sonoran Sandstorm, which is managed by his uncle Matt Tiegel, by a score of 119 to 87 in the 2012 Fantasy Football Super Bowl.  Jacob led Steiniger FC to an impressive 13-3-0 record en route to a dominant playoff performance that earned him his first Die Steiniger Meisterschaft-Liga Championship title.